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 Pricing and Floorplates have just been released, and unit requests are now open to our VIP registrants. 
See below how to request your preferred units!

Model Type & Preferences

Purchaser 1 Information

Maximum size 10MB

Purchaser 2 Information

Maximum size 10MB


Why do you request I submit a copy of my drivers licence when selecting my preferences?
Including a copy of your drivers licence is considered as a mandatory piece of ID by the developer when we request a unit directly from them, especially if you are very serious about purchasing at 859 West Condos. The developers request this from us as they need to verify that a person is indeed requesting the unit and to hold a unit on your behalf if need be.

When should I contact you to reserve a unit?
Units are allocated on a first come first serve basis. If you are very interested you should contact us immediately to reserve the unit of your choice.

How do I reserve my unit?
Units can be reserved by filling out the online worksheet above and attach a picture of your ID and click send. Once we receive your email we will contact you to secure your unit.

Is filling out a worksheet the same as signing for a unit?
Filling out a worksheet is the first step in securing a unit. Once received we will confirm if the unit is available, we will then contact you to arrange a signing at the developer’s sales office.

Why can’t I see the Price List?
As per the developer’s instructions, we are unable to send the Price List out by email. You can either call for pricing or schedule an appointment to meet us and we will have the Price List on hand! Once a worksheet is filled someone from our team will contact you immediately with prices based on your worksheet submission!

How much deposit is required?
While every developer has different deposit structures, typically you are required to bring a $5000 deposit cheque to signing, the deposit cheque will be held in trust by the developer’s lawyer. To see the specific deposit structure for this development, please contact us directly.